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Why Did The Toronto Police Kill Rodger Kotanko? Many Unanswered Questions, Many Strange Details

  • Ian Runkle goes into details on the troubling news out of Ontario

Made in Canada: Crusader 9

  • The new made-in-Canada 9mm semi-auto rifle from Spectre Ballistics International

Zastava’s M90: The Serbian M70 Updated to 5.56mm

  • The lengendary Gun Jesus goes into detail on Zastava AK rifles made in Serbia

Liberal ‘Throne Speech’ Reiterates Aim to Criminalize Gun Owners

  • Nicolas Johnson from The Gun Blog with analysis on the Liberals throne speech

RCMP Says All 22 Victims of 2020 Nova Scotia Mass Killing Were Firearm-Related Homicides

  • Nova Scotia RCMP confirmed that all 22 victims of the April 2020 mass killing in the province were shot

59 illegal firearms seized at Canada-U.S. border near Cornwall

  • Cops hit smugglers and take real crime guns off the streets