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My First Hunting Season

2021 was my first hunting season, ever. I had grown up around hunting as most of my family partook in the sport. However, my idea of hunting back in the day was riding shotgun with my dad, driving through back roads looking for grouse or moose.
When I came of age, I never really had the desire to start actually shooting anything; until I met my current boyfriend. His passion for the sport made it an easy decision to try it out. Why not, right?

Although I couldn’t just go out there with no training or idea of what was going to happen. Aside from the hunter’s exam that I passed and studied for, I was put on a chair in the middle of my boyfriends’ trophy room and quizzed on the different types of animals, which bullet was used for what, the parts on a gun, the whole works. You could say that I was pretty prepared when September 1st came around; opening day for duck and geese. A few friends, lots of laughs, and a pile of ducks made it for a pretty successful day. I thought to myself, okay this isn’t so bad..

The rest of the season for duck and geese flew by with early mornings, late dinners, and a pile of meat.

I made it through the water fowl part, it then came down to whether I wanted to try deer hunting.

We went out to my boyfriends family property one weekend where he had it all set up for me. He wanted to make sure that I got the best experience I could. He made sure I was warm, my belly was fully (I like to snack), and that I was completely comfortable no matter the outcome of the weekend.

Unfortunately, there was only two deer we saw all weekend, and it just so happened that they weren’t shootable. But the quality time I got to have made up for that.
Throughout all these new experiences I had, and the things I learned. My favourite part was spending that extra time doing something my boyfriend loves, and the fact that he wants to include me in that passion of his. That’s hands down the best part.

Although getting my first goose and duck were pretty cool, none of that beat doing these things with the people you love.

All in all, I can’t wait to make more memories next season, and hopefully end up shooting my first deer.