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The Mosin Nagant: What you need to know about the 54R Canadian staple.

Mosins are some of the cheapest and easiest rifles you can find in Canada. If you’re not picky on variants, or don’t mind a banged up old ruski rifle, you can find them for as low as $100. But don’t be fooled by the Mosins reputation as the poor Canadian’s rifle. The low price more has to do with the sheer volume available in Canada rather than the quality of the rifle. Prices can vary from $80 to $12 000 depending on the model, manufacturer, country of origin, history, and many more factors. So why do so many Canadians choose the Mosin Nagant as one of their first rifles? 

Nice lil specimen from 1942. Could have done in some Nazis in Stalingrad, if only these rifles could talk. Bet some Calgary folks know exactly where this is!

Well, the most obvious answer is its availability and affordability. The most common variant of the rifle is the 91/30 and there is pretty much never a time when you can’t find one for $200 or less in Canada. Not only that, but the caliber used by the Mosin Nagant, 7.62x54R, can be found by the thousands as military surplus! Making it cheap to own and shoot! For this reason alone, the Mosin Nagant is one of the most common first rifles among Canadian students and young adults just getting into firearms. However, if you pay $80 for an 80 year old rifle don’t expect consistency in quality—or in where your bullets land. If you’re wondering how to adjust the sights on your ol’ Russian Mosin, grab a hammer! 

The Mosin Nagant is also one of the most widely collected firearms in North America. In the 82 years of this rifle’s production countless variations on variations of the Mosin Nagant exist today, making it an attractive target for collectors. Thanks to the low price of the more common variants it is also one of the cheapest firearm collections to start. But don’t expect that to last if you choose to expand your collection. Some of the more rare variants, such as the Finnish models chambered in 7.62x53R or German captures rechambered in 7.92×57 Mauser, are much more rare and viciously sought after by avid collectors. With 120 years of constant service around the world, the Mosin Nagant has an incredibly rich history behind every variant. For this reason it is a staple for gun enthusiasts who have a sweet tooth for historical firearms!

A coupla Nagant lovers

Lastly, the Mosin Nagant can be and is used as a hunting rifle. Though not the most conventional hunting rifle, it is certainly the most affordable, and many buck hath been cut down by a Canadian with a Mosin! Canada is the world leader for number of hunters per capita. The Mosin Nagant ensures that any Canadian looking to get into our national pastime of hunting, can do so affordably. Combine this with the availability of the Mosin Nagant in Canada, and you can make an arguable case for the Mosin Nagant holding the title for National Rifle of Canada! At the very least, I think we can all agree that the Canadian firearms community would not be the same without it.