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Where is the Store? Timeline to Restart

Well I think we owe y’all an explanation for our shutdown. Unfortunately we have outgrown our business license, and after consultation with the city we are no longer able to provide the same great service that we usually could. Long story short, we’re moving.

So we had two options: try to make a buck and provide shitty service while doing so. Or provide great content while we get reestablished, with the sales, service, and top notch pricing coming back when we are able to uphold the highest standards. I think you know which option is the Canada First way.

What we have for now is a new site with articles, news and updates on the new warehouse. Give us your feedback! We want to create a unique space for Canadian firearms and continue providing interesting content even after we begin retail operations again.

The path forward: a new location for Canada First. With a couple considerations in mind we should be able to be back up and running by early Jan. Keep checking back here for updates, but be sure to go to our friends in the industry (other local gun shops, Wolverine and TNA come to mind) and stay tuned for when we launch bigger and better than ever!

Dec 8 Update


No new orders will be processed at this time but further updates will be provided to keep you all up to speed on our progress. Any customer service requests will be answered in a timey fashion, but no new orders will be going through. Keep on keepin on fellers.

Dec 13 Update


Working with one of our distributors and the Alberta CFO we were able to come to a temporary relocation solution! The fellas are hard at work and hopefully should have everything moved over to restart in the next few days.